Getting Ready for Your Agile Adventure

Mario Moreira, Agile Consultant

When a team is ready to embark on an agile adventure, it is vital to consider the behavioral and practical aspects of agile prior to jumping in. Mario shares the important readiness factors within his “Ready, Implement, Coach, and Hone” deployment framework. This includes preparing for an agile mindset of culture change and providing insight and knowledge into the challenging decisions that should be made prior to embarking on the adventure. Readiness includes establishing an organizational vision with objectives, embracing agile principles, evaluating buy-in and willingness, considering measures of success, adapting roles and responsibilities, evaluating existing practices, building a scalable agile framework, initiating agile education, and creating a customer validation vision. Outcomes include a better understanding of what can increase your chances for true agile transformation and an Agile Transformation Roadmap to begin or enhance your journey. For those who have already embarked on agile, enhance your current agile direction by understanding readiness factors.

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