Going Agile - How It Affects People, Teams and Process

Joachim Herschmann, Borland Software

Agile development provides the opportunity for new levels of productivity and value for software delivery-yet the agile approach brings new challenges that impact people, teams, and processes. Joachim Herschmann describes how a traditional waterfall-oriented development organization can become more agile and how software delivery can be transformed into a managed, efficient, and predictable business process. Using the real-life example of the Borland Linz development center, a traditional organization that has been undergoing an agile transformation for more than two years, Joachim shares the company's experiences throughout this culture shift. Because not everything in this transition was easy and straightforward, Joachim discusses the pitfalls and challenges that the Borland Linz development center encountered-short sprint cycles, shared quality responsibility and accountability, and an increased need for test automation. Take away the best practices and lessons learned from a team that is succeeding in its quest to "go agile."

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