The Golden Rules for Managing Large Testing Initiatives

Krishna Murthy, Tata Consultancy Services

Large technology transformations and undertakings are challenging because they cut across multiple systems and domains of technology and solutions. They involve multiple organizations—from corporate to operations—making communication and collaboration challenging. This complication is amplified when the IT organization in these large enterprises engages multiple vendors. Krishna Murthy shares his experience on how to tackle such situations with customized amalgamations of the best traditional and agile program management practices―Golden Rules of Engagement. Krishna introduces a framework based on these rules to manage a large program running at four key levels―commercial, financial, technical, and personal. Two of the rules are (1) The entire project team—across multiple organizations—should experience the output as a single entity, and (2) Create self-forming, dynamic testing teams within temporary static team structures that can collaborate across boundaries. Join Krishna to learn about these and other Golden Rules that you should incorporate in your test initiative.

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