Governing Agile Teams: Disciplined Strategies to Increase Agile Effectiveness

Scott Ambler, Scott W. Ambler + Associates

Many organizations have successfully adopted agile on a subset of their projects, while, at the same time, struggled to do so across entire departments. A common challenge is the need to overhaul the IT governance strategy so that it will work with agile teams. This is a serious issue for governance bodies with little or no practical agile experience, particularly when experience shows that traditional governance strategies increase the risk of failure on agile projects. Scott Ambler introduces The Disciplined Agile Delivery framework for managing and monitoring enterprise agile teams. This framework goes beyond offering an IT governance strategy to provide advanced strategies such as development intelligence and the goal-question-metric measurement approach. Learn the do’s and don’ts of governing agile teams, how governance fits in and enhances the agile project lifecycle, how to measure agile teams, and most importantly, why teams should demand good governance.

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