Gradual Agile: From Here to There Gently

Jared Richardson, Agile Artisans

Agile practices are popular today because they are working so well for many projects and organizations. However, introducing new, agile practices--or any type of new practice--into an established organization can be difficult. One misstep during the introduction can set back change adoption for a long time. Jared Richardson explains why people tend to resist change and how you can side step that tendency. He describes a case study in which continuous integration was successfully introduced to a very large, established software company. Highlighting the principles he extracted from that success and other projects, Jared explains the eight practical steps that you can use to start or accelerate your plans to "go agile." Learn how to identify a pain point, solve a problem, make it easy, speak the language, and more. Begin your first--or next-step transitioning to agile practices with new confidence and tools.

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