Growing Pains: Why Scaling Scrum and XP Hurts - and What You Can Do

Ed Kraay, SolutionsIQ

Do you have a large scale program with multiple agile teams? If so, you may have experienced some of the growing pains we encountered when we scaled Scrum and XP-conflicting priorities across teams, handling dependencies across multiple backlogs, planning a release date for teams with changing velocities and backlogs, inconsistent technical practices, and ineffective cross-team communication. Ed Kraay presents his organization's experience working on a large, complex Scrum program with multiple, interrelated Scrum teams. Learn the secrets of what to avoid and ways to minimize the pain so that your teams can reduce defects, improve delivery, and have more fun. Ed’s practical tips include synchronizing sprints across teams, using multi-team release planning, building a cross-team roadmap, embedding architects and coaches, and facilitating vertical transparency using a meta-scrum framework. Bring your current challenges scaling Scrum or XP practices, and leave with a fresh perspective to move forward.

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