GUI Usability Design and Validation with Paper Prototypes

Ann Walker, The MathWorks Inc

Usability testing of early GUI designs with paper prototypes validates that you are building the right applications for your customers. This low-cost, high-impact practice allows you to rapidly evolve the GUI interface and find many design bugs early in the development process before coding begins. With this process, you can get external customers and internal users actively involved in designing and testing the GUI with tools they can easily manipulate. Based on project experiences at The MathWorks, Inc., you will learn how to move from the paper prototype to a coded GUI and a set of automated tests. In addition, you will learn to develop user documentation while working back and forth between the GUI and the test plan to clarify design choices.

  • Involving everyone in GUI design early in the project
  • User tasks and scenarios as the basis for GUI validation
  • Speed up GUI development and validation with paper prototyping

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