Holistic Agile: Treat the Whole Company, Not Just IT

Robert Woods

As agile methods find more global applicability, we are finding groups outside of IT that have nothing to do with technology or software development demonstrating success with agile methods. But the approach to the solutions they deliver are often catered to their own unique circumstances. The original Agile Manifesto, principles, and supporting frameworks were formed with software development in mind, but from a holistic perspective, a different approach is needed for enterprise solutions outside of IT. Robert Woods will show you how to translate the success seen in agile software delivery to parts of the organization that don't deliver technology as its core solution. He'll show you how a more holistic approach to agile adoption can change both what and how we teach, how to rethink the founding agile principles we have worked so hard to adhere to, and the impact this has on defining and facilitating enterprise agile transformation. You'll see how holistic agile is redefining what an agile company looks like, and how to help those outside of IT find success.

About the Presenter

Robert Woods is an agile community leader, requested industry speaker, published author, and mentor with a proven history of facilitating enterprise transformation while helping create and provide catered training and coaching for organizations consisting of culturally, generationally, and geographically diverse backgrounds. He's the creator of the CLEAR (Collaborative-Lean-Evolving-Adaptive-Reportable) principles for framework-agnostic scaling agility and portfolio management. His specialties include holistic enterprise agile, business agility, enterprise agile leadership, organizational transformation, design thinking, systems thinking, hypothesis, and peer, behavioral, and test-driven development techniques. He is passionate about agile leadership; mentoring team facilitators, servant leaders, and engaged and empowered product champions; and helping enterprises transform their culture into one exhibiting true adaptive business and IT alignment.

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