How to Build and Motivate the Ideal Test Team

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants

Testing projects have a habit of getting into trouble. After years of waterfall development in which testing is the last stage in the development pipeline, there are almost always deadline and budget squeezes that require test managers to attempt to do the impossible. Most of us have had to manage risks as part of the test management process. However, the most plausible mitigation strategy is not always the best one. Geoff Horne presents a method he uses for identifying and assessing risks and then developing mitigation strategies for testing projects. Geoff has successfully used the approach on different projects across different types of businesses and testing projects. His approach is based on evaluation of risks and assessing the impacts across the key criteria of resources, productivity, cost, quality, and confidence. Geoff illustrates the risk evaluation in a color-coded, graphical format that enables stakeholders to easily compare and prioritize the mitigation strategies presented.

  • The value of risk management in testing
  • How to identify and assess risks and mitigations
  • Ways to analyze, collate, and present risk data clearly

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