Identifying Your Organization's "Best" Practices - A Measured Approach

David Herron, The David Consulting Group

Through the application of a rigorous measurement model, which includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis, organizations can identify high impact areas of software development performance. With these organizational practices identified, you can more effectively align process improvement programs and realize significant gains in productivity and quality. Using three case studies, David Herron describes what leading organizations are doing to reduce costs and to produce higher quality deliverables. One company was able to measure and model the impact of an SEI CMM®-based process improvement program to analyze performance results from the program. Another organization quantitatively compared practices of high versus low performance projects to identify the factors contributing to better results. A third company used qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to model performance and identify their best practices.

  • Quantitative and qualitative performance measures for software practices
  • Performance modeling techniques focusing on critical
  • High impact strategies for improvement

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