Implementing DevOps and Making It Stick

Alex Papadimoulis , Inedo

If you’ve ever been involved in promoting cultural change within an organization, you may have experienced something even more disheartening than flat-out rejection—a full rollback of hard-won cultural change followed by a decade-long resentment of anyone remotely associated with the implementation. This has happened at countless organizations with agile, with SOA, with virtualization—and it’s starting to happen with DevOps. How can such a simple idea that’s been so successful at so many organizations become such a resounding failure at others? It’s not the organization, and it’s certainly not DevOps. The problem lies in the implementation, and ultimately, with its promoters and champions. Alex Papadimoulis discusses what this "DevOps thing" is all about, goes over the technical and organizational strategies for a successful long-term DevOps implementation, shares a few big failures at big companies, and covers the common and not-so-common pitfalls when promoting this type of cultural change.

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