Instill Scrum Values to Build High-Performance Teams

Lyssa Adkins, Cricketwing Consulting

Your teams are using agile practices well and starting to understand the principles behind them, but they are still not high-performing. Although they're getting a bit better with each sprint and they're meeting commitments, they are not producing the great results you thought agile was supposed to create. Come learn the framework for guiding teams to those great results using the Scrum values as the root and ground of the journey. The Scrum values that lead to high performance and the fruits of high performance teams are put into a context that causes teams and people outside teams-even senior managers and executives-to "get it." They get what makes agile work and what we are moving toward when we talk about high-performing teams. Lyssa Adkins offers an interactive experience for you to learn and practice how to teach your team to use this Scrum framework so they, in turn, can chart their own paths toward high-performance.

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