Integrate Automation Seamlessly into Your Testing Workflow

Jamie Mitchell, Test & Automation Consulting LLC

In many companies, there is a strange phenomenon-treating test automation specialists and the tests they develop . . . like crazy Uncle George. You know Uncle George. He’s not invited to the holiday parties or summer picnics when we can avoid it. He’s different. We don't understand him completely. Like Uncle George, the automation team is out there working on . . . something. We are pretty sure they are. They run their tests . . . regularly. They seem to be contributing. But why should automated tests be different from other tests? Automation is simply a way of running test cases without (hopefully) so much human interaction. To get the most out of your automation effort, join Jamie Mitchell and learn ways to integrate automated testing into your other test and development processes. Decide who should own an automated test, who owns the failures, and ways to make test results available to everyone, including developers. From test results, develop and maintain meaningful metrics to help you assess the quality and value of automated testing in your organization.

  • How automated tests are different from-and the same as-manual tests
  • Artifacts from the automation process as valuable assets
  • Metrics to assess the value of automated testing

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