Iteration Management: Unclogging Your Development Process

Tiffany Lentz, ThoughtWorks

Within the agile development lifecycle, the role of "iteration manager" is crucial for maintaining the rhythm and flow of the project. From leading the stand-ups, reviewing plans and estimates, communicating the status of the iteration to the customer, and escalating roadblocks to executive management, the iteration manager focuses on and supports the team's daily efforts. Tiffany Lentz and Petra Skapa describe the role of iteration manager and compare it to other roles, including ScrumMaster, technical manager, project manager, and product manager. Tiffany and Petra describe the key activities and skills required to be an effective iteration manager from the beginning of the iteration to its end, including the characteristics of a good IM, the best methods for acquiring necessary skills, how to apply them, and the risks your project incurs if no one takes on this role. In that situation, communication and visibility suffer, customer trust in the team erodes, and morale declines. The Iteration Manager ToolKit, provided on CD to participants, gives agile teams a jumpstart on taking their development to the next level.

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