The Journey to Successful Execution of Outsourced Testing

Rutesh Shah, InfoStretch Corporation

Whether we like it or not, outsourcing has become mainstream in the development world and is now being imposed on testing organizations. If not done properly, an outsourcing venture can add costs, distract the internal QA organization, and increase business risks to the enterprise. This session describes practical steps to successfully execute outsourced QA projects. Rutesh Shah, who has years of experience on both sides of the table, explains what should and should not be outsourced, common vendor practices, risk management issues, relationship management, and a practical, proven process for outsourcing test activities. Use the knowledge gained from this session to ensure that your team makes efficient and informed decisions before outsourcing testing. Measure progress and determine the true ROI (or lack of it) when outsourcing testing.

  • Outsourced vendor processes and perspective
  • Strategies for qualifying activities for outsourced testing
  • Transition and ongoing process to manage the outsourced testing

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