Better Software Conference East 2012: Lean Development Practices for Enterprise Agile

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives

Enterprise agile initiatives require strategic, portfolio, product, and team perspectives at all levels. Alan Shalloway has found that lean software development principles help integrate all of these perspectives into a cohesive, actionable whole. With a combination of lean science, lean management, lean team, and lean learning methods, Alan shows how your organization can prepare for enterprise agility. Lean science focuses on the “laws” present in all software development projects. Lean management empowers executives to contribute to the context within which teams can flourish. Lean team methods are actualized in Kanban approaches. Lean learning empowers everyone in the organization to improve his skills and practices. Alan shows how you can make these four perspectives work together so that enterprise software development teams build the right software in the right way and continue to improve their practices along the way.

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