Leaping over the Boundaries of Boundary Value Analysis

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense

Many books, articles, classes, and conference presentations tout equivalence class partitioning and boundary value analysis as core testing techniques. Yet many discussions of these techniques are shallow and oversimplified. Testers learn to identify classes based on little more than hopes, rumors, and unwarranted assumptions, while the "analysis" consists of little more than adding or subtracting one to a given number. Do you want to limit yourself to checking the product's behavior at boundaries? Or would you rather test the product to discover that the boundaries aren't where you thought they were, and that the equivalence classes aren't as equivalent as you've been told? Join Michael Bolton as he jumps over the partitions and leaps across the boundaries to reveal a topic far richer than you might have anticipated and far more complex than the simplifications that appear in traditional testing literature and folklore.

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