Lessons from Busting Organizational Silos

Tricia Broderick, Santeon Group

We’ve all heard of the evils that can result from organizational silos—bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and the “us vs. them” mentality. Perhaps you’ve been a victim. As Tricia Broderick repeatedly experienced value from busting individual project team silos, she naturally wanted to expand her busting across the entire organization. Not surprisingly, this turned out to be anything but simple. What surprised her was how many challenges resulted from falling victim to both faulty logic and prior successes, including halting a team’s progress out of concerns of sub-optimization. Join Tricia as she shares examples of successes and failures in attempts to bust organizational silos. Leave with more informed views on whether organizational silos are good, bad, or even necessary. Gain an appreciation that failure may be the best opportunity for growth, and laughter may be the best medicine for getting back up and trying again.


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