Life as a Performance Tester

Scott Barber, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

At the core of most performance testing challenges and failed performance testing projects are serious misunderstandings and miscommunications within the project team. Scott Barber and Dawn Haynes share approaches to overcoming some of the most common frustrations facing performance testers today. Rather than simply telling you how to improve understanding and communicate performance testing concepts, Scott and Dawn demonstrate their approaches through an amusing role play of interactions between a lead performance tester and a non-technical executive. Based on real-life experiences (with names and places changed to protect the innocent, of course), they demonstrate ways for you to address questions such as, "Should we be doing performance, load, stress, or capacity testing?", "How relevant and realistic (or not) is this load test?", "How will we know if we are done?", and "What is a concurrent user, anyway?" As you enjoy the interplay, you'll learn valuable lessons that are sure to make your performance testing better and personally more rewarding.

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