Making User Acceptance a Testing Process, Not a Testing Phase

Donna McLeod, Safeway Inc

Historically, the user acceptance test (UAT) is the last test we perform before product delivery. Because UAT traditionally demonstrates the entire product, it cannot be done until all other development and testing activities have been completed. This means we are not receiving crucial customer feedback on product acceptability until late in the project life cycle-often much too late to stay on time and within budget when critical design gaps are discovered. Donna McLeod knows it doesn't have to be this way. We can change that mind set and perform UAT on parts of the system as it is being developed. By beginning UAT earlier, we get user feedback earlier when there is still time to make changes. Learn to build confidence earlier and become champions for success by bringing customers and solutions together early and often.

  • What is subject to user acceptance test
  • How to plan user acceptance tests throughout development
  • Successfully engage your users throughout development

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