Man and Machine: Combining Automation Tools with the Human Mind

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts Inc.

When we think of automated testing, we usually think of unattended tests that are executed by computer software. When we think of manual testing, we think of a human being executing tests without the aid of a machine. These activities need not be mutually exclusive-we can use automation tools to help us as we undertake manual testing. Instead of thinking of tests as either automated or manual, Jonathan Kohl explores areas where you can blend the activities. You might ask questions such as: "To what extent will test automation help me in my testing work?" or "What do we lose if we run these tests without human supervision?" Jonathan discusses and demonstrates a different way to think about test automation, as an intersection between automated and manual testing. He highlights techniques of this hybrid testing approach, providing examples from other disciplines and from his own experiences.

  • Lightweight tools to support exploratory testing
  • Tools for data creation and simulation
  • Old tools used in new ways

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