Managing Across the Miles: The Keys to Leading Offshore Test Teams

Gerie Owen, NSTAR, Inc.

Is your company experiencing difficulty and frustration with its offshore project teams? Are your teams not consistently performing well? Are the results not what was expected? Gerie Owen shares her experiences in managing offshore test teams through each phase of the project cycle-from selecting the team and executing the project through presenting and documenting its results. Gerie explains how to assess the team’s knowledge and skill level. Because your offshore team members often are new to you, it is critical to recognize and handle training issues as early as possible. With the challenges of time zones, language, and cultural differences, Gerie addresses the critical issues of providing explicit direction and expressing clear expectations. Learn how to choose the most effective means of communication for the situation, how to motivate team members across the miles, and how to show appreciation in ways that matter to offshore teams.

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