The Many Flavors of Exploratory Testing

Gitte Ottosen, Sogeti Denmark

The concept of exploratory testing is evolving, and different interpretations and variations are emerging and maturing. These range from the pure and original thoughts of James Bach, later expanded to session-based exploratory testing by Jon Bach, to testing tours described by James Whittaker, to the many different ways test teams across the world have chosen to interpret exploratory testing in their own contexts. Though it appears to be simple, exploratory testing can be difficult to introduce into a traditional organization where testers are familiar only with executing scripted test cases and where the concept of exploration and creative testing may be somewhat foreign. At the same time, organizations need to address the challenges of traceability and reporting, moving from traditional ways to a more exploratory approach. Join Gitte Ottosen as she describes some of the different flavors of exploratory testing with which she has been working-different approaches but all with the underlying foundation of "simultaneous learning, test design, and execution."

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