Measuring and Monitoring the End Game of a Software Project: Part Deux

Mike Ennis, Accenture

How do you know when a product is ready to ship? QA managers have faced this question for years. Mike Ennis shares a process he uses to take the guessing out of when to ship a product, replacing guessing with key metrics to help you rationally make the right ship decision. Learn how to estimate, predict, and manage your software project as it gets closer to its release date. Mike shows you which metrics to track and how to collect them without undue overhead on the project. Define a ratings scale for each metric you collect and create a spider chart indicating that the product is ready-or not. Mike's presentation is a must for individuals or organizations that are serious about releasing their software products when they are ready-and not before-and knowing in advance when the software will be ready.

  • Manage release risks in any software project
  • Key metrics for product quality and predicting delivery dates
  • Anticipate and mitigate project risks at the end of a project

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