Measuring the Effectiveness of Testing Using DDP

Dorothy Graham, Grove Consultants

Does your testing provide value to your organization? Are you asked questions like "How good is the testing anyway?" and "Is our testing any better this year?" How can you demonstrate the quality of the testing you perform, both to show when things are getting better and to show the effect of excessive deadline pressure? Defect Detection Percentage (DDP) is a simple measure that organizations have found very useful in answering these questions. It is easy to start-all you need is a record of defects found during testing and defects found afterwards (which you probably already have available). Join Dorothy Graham as she shows you what DDP is, how to calculate it, and how to use it to communicate the effectiveness of your testing. Dorothy addresses the most common stumbling blocks and answers the questions most frequently asked about this very useful metric.

  • Calculate defect detection percentage (DDP) for your projects
  • How other organizations have used DDP successfully
  • Deal with issues, questions, and problems in using this metric

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