Measuring the End Game of Software Project - Part Deux

Mike Ennis, Savant Tecnology

The schedule shows only a few weeks before product delivery. How do you know whether you are ready to ship? Test managers have dealt with this question for years, often without supporting data. Mike Ennis has identified six key metrics that will significantly reduce the guesswork. These metrics are percentage of tests complete, percentage of tests passed, number of open defects, defect arrival rate, code churn, and code coverage. These six metrics, taken together, provide a clear picture of your product's status. Working with the project team, the test manager determines acceptable ranges for these metrics. Displaying them on a spider chart and observing how they change from build to build enables a more accurate assessment of the product's readiness. Learn how you can use this process to quantify your project's "end game".

  • Decide what and how to measure
  • Build commitment from others on your project
  • Manage the end-game of your product development

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