Metrics to Inspire your Software Project Team

Jan Scott, QB Software

Typically, organizations pick metrics they feel will accurately measure the results their projects are achieving. We know, too, that metrics can affect behavior, and, therefore, we try hard to pick unbiased metrics. For example, you might not use "lines of code" as a metric to track productivity because you know metrics might cause developers to write more inefficient code. However, you can do the opposite! Jan Scott shows how to choose metrics designed to improve the progress of your projects by inspiring people to improve. As your project progresses and problems develop, appropriately designed and biased metrics will help you solve problems before they get out of control. See examples of biased metrics that have had the desired effect of improving results without alienating those involved. You will even learn about certain metrics that can inspire management to perform tasks assigned to them.

  • The characteristics of performance-enhancing metrics
  • Use metrics to get your team on board and celebrate success
  • A performance-enhancing measurement program that management will understand and appreciate

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