Metrics That Matter

Pablo Garcia, Redmind

Imagine you’re a test manager starting a new assignment. On the first day of work, you’re presented with a list of metrics you are to report. Soon, you realize that most of the metrics are not really connected to what should be measured. Or, consider the situation where you’re told that there is no value collecting metrics because “we’re agile.” In either situation, what would be your next step be? Join Pablo Garcia as he shares his experience with the dangers of poor metrics. Believing that some metrics can have value in helping testing be effective and efficient, Pablo shares his favorite metrics including a couple of crazy ones―requirements coverage, defect detection percentage, faults in production, and cost per bug. Each is discussed, evaluating what it really measures, when to use it, and how to present it to send the correct message. Take back a toolbox of testing metrics that will make your testing role easier.

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