Mission Critical Automation Testing

Mike Keith

When critical subsystems fail, the resulting losses can be catastrophic. In the insurance industry, if premiums are miscalculated, defect costs can reach well over a million dollars. In this session, Mike Keith and Dom Nunley draw on their practical experience with insurance systems testing to provide an overview of combinatorial automation testing for high-risk backend system areas—i.e., features that absolutely must work correctly. They share a process for categorizing requirement risk levels to determine which requirements warrant combinatorial testing. Mike and Dom illustrate various combinatorial testing techniques such as N-FAT, N-Wise, and RANDOM, which can be used to automatically generate test cases. These methods are used to ensure coverage against risk while controlling the number of tests that run. Attend this session to learn a method for assessing the Return on Investment (ROI) of combinatorial test automation and how this approach can vastly increase test coverage while minimizing the risk of costly business critical failures.

About the Presenter

Mike Keith  is System Test Engineer Lead, Progressive Insurance. Mike Keith has been a Test Engineer for over 15 years, focusing primarily on the automation testing for back-end systems and APIs. Over the last 5 years he’s stepped into the dark arts of combinatorial testing techniques and test oracles. More recently he’s become interested in a mathematical/statistical basis for testing with respect to profits. In his spare time, Mike’s interests include walking his two dogs and playing guitar in a classic-rock cover band.

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