Mistakes Agile Teams Make

JB Rainsberger, Diaspar Software Services

The road to hell is paved with good intentions-with a special section reserved for those who have tried to "go agile". Agile adoption can fail because a number of common, large-scale, organizational issues. A lack of executive-level support can squash promising improvements among the day-to-day producers. Sometimes the organization is in such disarray that delivering perfect features perfectly wouldn't keep customers satisfied. While these are real and important, J. B. Rainsberger suggests you'll find it more productive to focus on issues over which you have real influence. J. B. describes a few relatively simple mistakes, the warning signs to look for, and how to solve the problems. Hear useful stories from an experienced agile coach that include, "If I'd only known then what I know now ..." You'll laugh, you'll cry, and with luck, you'll catch a problem or two before it blows up on you.

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