Model-Based Testing: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques

Adam Richards, Critical Logic

For decades, software development tools and methods have evolved with an emphasis on modeling. Standards like UML and SysML are now used to develop some of the most complex systems in the world. However, test design remains a largely manual, intuitive process. Now, a significant opportunity exists for testing organizations to realize the benefits of modeling. Adam Richards describes how to leverage model-based testing to dramatically improve both test coverage and efficiency—and lower the overall cost of quality. Adam provides an overview of the basic concepts and process implications of model-based testing, including its role in agile. A survey of model types and techniques shows different model-based solutions for different kinds of testing problems. Explore tool integrations and weigh the pros and cons of model-based test development against a variety of system and project-level factors. Gain a working knowledge of the concepts, tools, and techniques needed to introduce model-based testing to your organization.

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