STARWEST 2004: Model-Based Testing for Java and Web-Based GUI Applications

Jeff Feldstein, Cisco Systems Inc

With the tools existing today, model-based testing for Java applications is extremely difficult to implement. According to Jeff Feldstein, you need a scripting language that allows for creating and manipulating complex data structures and driving your tests with models of the application. Learn about Jeff's success and the obstacles he faced implementing model-based testing for Java and HTML applications. During the presentation, Jeff demonstrates the use of XDE Tester's ScriptAssure and Java to create an HTML application model and shows examples of the programming required for model-based testing. In this model-driven approach, you will see how changes in the user interface do not require changes to the tests.

  • Ways to implement the required data structures in Java for modeling
  • What to avoid in creating the models
  • How to automatically adapt test cases to changes in the application's GUI

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