Monty Python's Flying Test Lab

Robert Sabourin, Inc

And now for something completely different ... Monty Python's Flying Circus revolutionized comedy and brought zany British humor to a world-wide audience. However, buried deep in the hilarity and camouflaged in its twisted wit, lie many important testing lessons-tips and techniques you can apply to real world problems to deal with turbulent projects, changing requirements, and stubborn project stakeholders. Rob Sabourin examines some of the most famous Python bits-"The Spanish Inquisition" telling us to expect the unexpected, "The Dead Parrot" asking if we should really deliver this product to the customer, "The Argument" teaching us about bug advocacy, "Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit" demonstrating the need to pick the right testing tool, and a host of other goofy gags, each one with a lesson for testers.

  • How to test effectively with persistence
  • Make your point with effective communication
  • Keys ways to clarify project goals and requirements

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