Moving Agile Beyond Software

Ryan Martens, Rally Software Development

Agility is not a goal for its own sake. More than a great way to build software, agile principles are a way to build a great company that predictably delivers products through alignment and visibility across all parts of the business. What does an agile enterprise look like? How does it treat its employees? What are agile enterprises doing that other companies won't or can't do? Based on his experiences working with dozens of companies that are moving agile principles and practices beyond development, Ryan Martens answers these intriguing questions. Learn how agile businesses develop a relentless focus on value delivery and develop strong teams of problem solvers. These thriving businesses make most of their daily decisions correctly and never stop reaching higher. Critical to their success is a social contract with employees that supports the vital task of ongoing organizational change rather than building islands of agile practices. Learn how an "agile social contract" can help your organization thrive-not just survive.

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