The Next Level of Agile: DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Andrew Phillips, XebiaLabs Inc.

Mature agile organizations are introducing continuous delivery as a crucial step to realize their goal of delivering business value rapidly. Andrew Phillips highlights implementation issues about how agile development can fit with enterprise release management policies and governance needs. Andrew outlines proven practices and selection criteria for tools to help you address these issues. Then, he presents a DevOps case study demonstrating the continuous delivery process for building, packaging, deploying, and testing a complex application. Find out about deployment support for server and resource configurations, application binaries, database upgrades and rollbacks, messaging, and enterprise service buses. With the right tools and processes you can develop an open, extensible framework that supports additional services and platforms. Examine how integration with environment provisioning tools such as the open source Puppet tool enables "ready-for-deployment" development and testing environments. Leave with a new understanding of how DevOps opens the door to faster delivery and happier customers.

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