Nontechnical Managers Leading Technical Teams

Victoria Guido

Technology is complicated and changes every day. Even leaders with a technical background and deep understanding of tools and processes have trouble keeping up, and it’s virtually impossible to be an expert on every single aspect of a product. How can you help your team if you have no idea what anyone is talking about? Engineers and developers have all experienced the frustration and difficulties of being led by someone deemed “nontechnical,” from promising a customer unrealistic deadlines or solutions to a lack of trust and a complete breakdown in communication. Victoria Guido will explore how to avoid these pitfalls by creating a culture of learning, forming a cross-functional team, and playing to your strengths. Start by removing the boundary between “technical” and “nontechnical” and being specific about the skill sets, history, and experience all your team members are bringing to the table. Leave this keynote as a manager everyone appreciates—no matter what technical skills you may (or may not) have.

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