Notes from the Test Management Battlefield

Tanya Kravtsov

Are you a new, aspiring, or experienced manager tasked with building a team of stars? Do you manage a team that needs to be motivated or re-energized? Join Tanya Kravtsov as she shares stories, tips, and tricks on hiring, on-boarding, and managing test engineers and turning your group into a Dream Team. From the experience of building teams in new organizations, managing test teams from five people to fifty, both onsite and onshore, Tanya shares lessons learned and successful processes that she adopted. The talent and level of commitment of individual team members, as well as their ability to work well with the rest of the team, are critical to the success of the overall test organization and directly impact the quality of the product delivered. Tanya shares tools and techniques for interviewing, knowledge ramp up, team building, and team management. Learn how to identify the best candidates, sell the job to the candidates you like, create a ramp-up plan and mentor new hires, and organize team building activities—all while managing big projects, keeping the lights on, and dealing with the usual fire drills.

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