Organizational Patterns: The Foundations of Agile

James Coplien, Nordija A/S

Organizational patterns describe the inner-workings of organizational structures. These patterns are the foundation for agile competence and take you far beyond basic out-of-the box methods to provide deeper insights into agile. Both Scrum and XP have their roots in these patterns, focusing on project management and developer practices respectively. Jim (Cope) Coplien explains the other 75% of the good stuff--the things that Scrum, XP, and other methodologies gloss over. Cope presents the “Top 10” organizational patterns-those that correlate most strongly to organizational success. Do you capitalize on DOMAIN EXPERTISE IN ROLES? How about ARCHITECT ALSO IMPLEMENTS, or the important role of the manager as FIREWALL to distance the developers from "those who want to help?" What important concepts are you missing in your agile practices?

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