Organizational Values: A Key to Agile Success

Michele Sliger, Sliger Consulting, Inc.

Agile adoptions can only be successful if corporate values match the key values outlined in the Agile Manifesto and in agile frameworks such as XP and Scrum. Michele Sliger explains the agile values that play a key role in driving individual and team behavior. Learn the real meaning behind the often heard phrase "agile is value-driven, not plan-driven". Discover how to determine your company's values and how to compare and contrast them to agile values-and what to do if they are different. Practice visioning exercises that you can conduct on your own and with your team to better understand what you and your team members personally value and what you can do to better align your present values with agile values. Find out how to define values at the team level-a must to ensure effective working relationships. Take away a framework to apply what you've learned in your own company and team.

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