Overcome Mobile Testing Challenges

John Jeremiah, Mobile Solutions & Performance Center, HP

The importance of automated testing. Mobile fuctional testing with Emulators or Real Devices. Mobile performance testing and factoring in network conditions.


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Overcome Mobile Testing Challenges

The Right Testing Solution:

So what exactly are you looking for in the mobile testing solution? An IDE so that scripting is reduced, a keyword-driven approach so that even manual testers can effectively use it, integration with a mobile cloud to help you overcome device challenges.

Mobile App Testing Labs in Secure Private Cloud:

One ought to create a proper sampling of effective mobile device availability which appropriately covers the larger segment of the variety needed. You are required to have this lab to ensure that you have not simply tested your app on an emulator or simulator but on the actual real device. 

Mobile Test Lab:

If your mobile test needs are immense and often, a good idea is to invest in creating your own mobile test lab.



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