Patterns for Reusable Test Cases

Vipul Kocher, PureTesting

You can think of Q-Patterns as a structured set of questions (tests) about the different aspects of a software application under test. They are questions about the system that are categorized, grouped, sorted, and saved for reuse. These Q-Pattern questions can be written ahead of time and stored in a repository of test case templates, developed for requirements and design reviews or built in real-time as a way to both guide and document exploratory testing sessions. See examples of Q-Patterns that Vipul Kocher has developed for error messages, combo boxes, login screens, and list handling. Learn how to associate related Q-Patterns and aggregate them into hierarchical and Web models. Take back the beginnings of Q-Patterns for your test team and organization.

  • Sharable and reusable test case designs
  • Templates to organize requirements and design reviews
  • A tool for capturing exploratory testing experiences

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