People + Process = ROI!

Geoffrey Hewson, Software Productivity Center, Inc.

Return on investment (ROI) is a widely used approach for measuring the value of new or improved technology and business processes. Rather than limiting the discussion on ROI calculations to cost cutting measures, the most significant opportunities often come from addressing the overall business objectives. You need to step outside the focus of the IT department and relate improvements to opportunities for increased business revenue and customer value. The resulting impact on revenues makes the ROI argument for process improvement a compelling one. Discover the myths and realties of software process improvement and how to build a business case for improvement initiatives. By aligning business goals with areas of leverage and improvement plans, you will find both business and IT management more receptive to software process improvement programs and initiatives.

  • The real ROI from software process improvement
  • Prerequisites for using ROI calculations for process improvement
  • Examples of ROI from high-impact software process improvement efforts

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