Performance and Security Testing in Agile Development

Tracy DeDore, Hewlett-Packard

While most organizations are starting to come to terms with the process aspects of agile, they still face challenges when identifying how to modify their testing practices to be more flexible. This is particularly true for security and performance testing where many organizations hold on to a waterfall-style approach, leaving these critical aspects to the end of the release and often leaving the application open to vulnerabilities. Based on her many customer experiences, Tracy DeDore shares the practices she recommends for nonfunctional testing: writing testable user stories, planning for testing beginning at sprint 0, and introducing "hardening" sprints that help users and developers incorporate security and performance testing into agile processes. Find out how building test automation suites, component frameworks for performance and security testing, and leveraging "headless" testing can all help teams ensure the business achieves its goals without sacrificing performance or security.

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