Performance Testing Mobile Applications

Shirish Bhale, Impetus Technologies Inc.

The mobile web is growing at an unprecedented rate with people around the globe using their mobile phones to connect, network, share, and meet. Mobile has suddenly emerged as one of the primary delivery platforms for many companies. A mobile application that fails to perform as expected has a negative impact on revenue and increases customer support costs. It is essential that your mobile applications are tested for performance, scalability, and other critical non-functional issues before they are released to the market. Shirish Bhale shares mobile app challenges he’s overcome–the prevalence of custom protocols, lack of diagnostic tools, simulation of user workloads, and more. Learn about the mobile profilers, tracers, stubs, simulators, and load testing tools that help in mobile application performance testing. Find out how to replicate realistic conditions to help you get meaningful performance test results. Bring your toughest mobile app testing question and get Shirish’s expert advice and support.

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