Pivoting Your Testers to Become Agile

Howard Deiner, BigVisible Solutions

Many organizations struggle with transforming from the old-style specialized silos of skills into agile teams with generalized specialists. Without this pivot, we get sub-optimal agile/Scrum environments. Howard Deiner describes what can go wrong when integrating testers properly into an agile organization and how to fix that. Without a proper agile mindset, an organization will “revert to form” and return to their old practices after a frustrating failure to adapt agile. Howard examines the real role of testers in the organization and identifies where they truly add value in the production of quality code. He speaks frankly about the skills that agile testers must master and the issues that organizations have that complicate testers’ lives. Finally, Howard discusses exactly what testers need to do to add value to the software development process and how they integrate in the DevOps model that is a contemporary solution to an age old issue.


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