Practical Model-Based Testing for Interactive Applications

Marlon Vieira, Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.

Model-based tests are most often created from state-transition diagrams. Marlon Vieria generates automated system tests for many Siemens systems from use cases and activity diagrams. The generated test cases are then executed using a commercial Capture-Replay tool. Marlon begins by describing the types of models used, the roles of those models in test generation, and the basic test
generation process. He shares the weaknesses of some techniques and offers suggestions on how to strengthen them to provide the required control flow and data flow coverage. Marlon describes the cost benefits and fault detection capabilities of this testing approach. Examples from a Web-based application will be used to illustrate the modeling and testing concepts.

  • Learn how to implement model-based testing in your organization
  • Create effective scripts for use by automation tools
  • Perform a cost-benefit analysis of model-based testing

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