Practical Software Sizing with Testable Requirements

Karen Johns, Mosaic, Inc.

A new strategic project is in the design stages-how much will it cost? Your application requirements are constantly growing-what is the impact? System testing is scheduled soon-how much time and what resources will we need? And how do you get the answers? Measurement. Although software developers are often collecting measures of defects, earned value, variances, etc., the most fundamental measure-how big is the system?-is usually lacking. Lines of code and function points are established sizing measures but both have limitations that have prevented their widespread acceptance. Karen Johns presents testable requirements, an alternative sizing measure that can help you meet these challenges and more. Learn from Karen what testable requirements are and how to use them to size your software systems. Testable requirements, a foundation for your development projects, can also provide your projects with a powerful and intuitive measure of system size.

  • The definition of a testable requirement
  • Steps to estimate system size using testable requirements
  • How more accurate size estimates reduce project risk

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