Pragmatic Learning: Improve Your Learning Skills (Part 2)

Andy Hunt, The Pragmatic Programmers

Your approach to learning a new technology or acquiring a new skill is key to your personal success. So, how do you learn how to learn? What tricks can you use to learn faster and retain more of what you learn? Andy Hunt presents a brief recap of The Dreyfus Model for learning and explains how you can learn more deliberately by managing your “knowledge portfolio.” Andy explores practical learning techniques including mind maps, reading techniques, and situational feedback. During this class, he shows how these techniques fit in to the cognitive model discussed in “Refactoring Your Wetware (Part 1).” Andy describes methods ranging from the tried-and-true to the truly exotic that he uses to cope with the veritable torrent of new information that assaults each of us. Andy’s promise? "You'll learn one proven technique that can improve your daily productivity by 20%-30%."

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