Preformance Testing in Enterprise Application Environments

David Chadwick, IBM

As systems become more complex--serving the enterprise and implemented on the Web and across the Internet-performance testing is becoming more important and more difficult. David Chadwick suggests that the starting point is to design tests that reflect real user activity, including independent arrivals of transactions and varying input data to prevent "cache only" results. David explains how to break down the end-to-end system response time into the distributed components involved in processing the transactions. Learn to use resource-monitoring data to discover bottlenecks on individual systems. By examining the frequency and time spent in various processes, performance testers can determine where resources are being consumed and how to tune a system for better performance. Gain a new understanding of specific bottlenecks: repeated calls for individual items that could be returned as a set, requesting unfiltered data and filtering it repeatedly, inefficient structures and algorithms for sorting and searching, and lack of proper local caching.

  • Recording and generating Web testing sessions
  • Challenges of testing modern Web systems
  • Using response time data to find software inefficiencies

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