Preparing the Test Team to Go Agile

Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc.

When we read about agile development, we find developers using nUnit for unit testing while customers are using FIT for acceptance tests. But where are the testers? You know--those folks who have years of experience in testing. Is there a place for testers in the agile world? Janet Gregory believes there is and shares specific things that you and your test team need to understand to effectively work within the agile context. It is important to adhere to the agile values and principles while improving the product's quality. For example, a heavy test planning process that requires knowing all the requirements up front and
developing thousands of test cases will not be acceptable. Janet will describe a lightweight process that is effective for all and discuss the handling of traditional testing processes such as defect tracking, reporting, and sign-offs.

  • Understand the role of the test team in an agile development environment
  • Learn about the new techniques you'll need in the agile world
  • Discover tools that will improve your testing-not slow it down

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